Motor City Stories

The Squared Circle


In partnership with the Motor City Boxing Club, the RMG invited regional artists to produce new works inspired by the sport of boxing. Selected artists were invited to visit the Motor City Boxing Club (Oshawa), observe athletes in training, work in situ at the club and produce new work based on their observations.


In the Motor City Boxing Club I worked frantically, capturing portraits of athletes, their audience and trainers. In black ink on white sheets of paper of varying tone. I collected stages of motion, stations of focus, a process in preparation and transformation. 

Each piece will came together to form the Square Circle. I arranged the portraits according to role depicted: 'observer' V.s. 'trainer' in a pattern on the wall. Each piece was side pinned as collected specimens. "The Squared Circle" refers to the evolution of the fighting space from a crudely drawn circle in the dirt, framed by onlookers, to the carefully constructed and measured square 'ring' used for boxing today. 

My goal was to create a step sheet for the fighter's dance through all stages involved in the process of training leading up to the fight. The audience (those on the floor) framed the fighters (those in the ring). Individuals are depicted repetitively, particularly the athletes as they move through their stages of training.


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