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2016, Projections, Visual Arts Centre of Clarington, group exhibition

Sarah Ammons, Dani Crosby, Conan Masterson

"Dani Crosby’s drawings are memorable for their crisp, calligraphic, illustrative lines. A few coloured lines and the occasional cream paper punctuates what is otherwise black and white imagery. There is a retro quality in Crosby’s drawings. In part, this may relate to her use of pen, brush, black and coloured inks. More likely, there is something familiar in her work. Crosby’s rich repertoire of marks and influences suggest antique copperplate engravings, vintage advertisements, popular cartoons and textbook diagrams. Viewers might also be reminded of Dr. Seuss, Curious George, Mad Magazine, drawings by Robert Crumb and any number of other slightly dated pop culture classics. In Crosby’s series Projecting, several oversize pairs of heads are shown in profile facing-off against one another. Her previously described Pinocchio belongs to this grouping. Hung in a tight grid format, there is an undulating pattern in which one figure does–the other reciprocates–an eye is poked, a mask worn, something is spewed. This game of call and response is echoed by Crosby’s use of black and red ink. Another series of drawings called Maze, includes some sixty-five heads of various sizes. With only one head per sheet, the head undergoes ever-changing permutations like a flip-book animation."

- Todd Tremeer, Curator

"faces are like mazes. I get lost all the time. I get locked out, I get pulled in, I get stuck inside"

- Dani Crosby



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