"Durham Reach is the most comprehensive public exhibition of artists from the area to date and showcases the work of over 70 artists. Although not a complete representation of the diversity of art being produced in Durham Region, the project includes works evenly distributed between emerging, mid-career and senior artists in four distinct, yet complimentary exhibitions. Durham Reach looks to celebrate the region’s artists, past and present, and to look forward to a strong, vibrant, and continuing arts community. Curated by Linda Jansma and Sonya Jones." 


Durham Reach ran January 28, 2017 - April 02, 2017 at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. It was a great honour to show along side the following artists from Durham Region. My thanks to the Robert McLaughlin Gallery for seeking me out, listening to my concept and pushing me forward with the opportunity to show "Portrait 1" as part of Durham Reach.

Ron Baird, Karolina Baker, Mike Berube, Ted Bieler, Meredith Bingham, Ilija Blanusa, William Caldwell, Susan Campbell, Maralynn Cherry, Laura A. Clayton​, Tony Cooper, Darlene Cole, Grant Cole, Dani Crosby, Jay Dart, Jane Dixon, Callum Donovan, Mike Drolet, Rodney Dunn, Rowena Dykins, Jane Eccles, Ron Eccles, Edward Falkenberg, Garfield Ferguson, Jessica Field, Stephen Frank, Fly Freeman, David Gillespie, Gary Greenwood, Laura Hair, Toni Hamel, Linda Heffernan, J.R. Hunter, Reagan Kennedy, John Krasinsk, Ron Lambert​, John Lander​, Ruth Latimer, Gordon Law, Jeff Leech, Bill ( William) Lishman, Geordie Lishman, Audrey MacLean, Joaquin Manay, Jay McCarten, Lynne Mcilvride​, Karen Buck McIntosh, Mary Ellen McQuay, Sean McQuay, Catherine Mills, Aleksi Moriarty​, Jeff Morrison, Francis Muscat, Neil Newton, Dionne Powlenzuk, Linda Ward Selbie, Layne Sharpe, Paul Sloggett, Pete Smith​, Diana Lopez Soto, Lotti Thomas, Judith Tinkl, Victor Tinkl​, Wes Peel, Janice Taylor Prebble, Ruth Read, Heather Rigby, Ingrid Ruthig, Barry Smylie, Sally Thurlow, Todd Tremeer, Wendy Wallace, Sally Wildman, Olexander Wlasenko


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