"Dani is very effective at providing a great product under tight deadlines. We love how she knows what to pull out of a story and illustrate it so perfectly! Her hand-drawn type is beautiful, fun and compliments her bright images." 
- Geneviève Biloski, Design Editor, National Post.

"Dani is an amazing person to work with. She answers quickly, listens carefully, delivers promptly and always finds a way to transform that fog of an idea in your mind into something tangible and better than you ever imagined. I highly recommend her!"
- Barbra Lica, musician.

“Dani is a talented visual artist, using her superb graphic arts skills as we work on a collaborative venture with Inuit children on Baffin Island to create a children's book in their own voices "Elisapee of the Arctic: Mallikjuag Adventure." 
- Angie littlefield, Owner, Operator, Angie Littlefield. 

"Dani Crosby was able to take a rough idea I had for an album cover and turn it into something that I am now quite confident and proud to show off to people. From brainstorming ideas all the way through to the last minute tweaks, getting the chance to collaborate with Dani was an enjoyable, time efficient process. She has a unique style that stays simple and focused which helps to make the final product quite eye catching." 
- Michael Milosh, singer/songwriter at Home Movies.

"Dani's work is not only distinct in style and form, it is carefully crafted by working with and understanding her clients. She has a strong sense of brand awareness and welcomes feedback during the working process, always keeping the client involved. It's been a pleasure to work with her!"

- Dan Reiff, Get Bent Records.

"I worked with Dani on the 2012 Peony Festival. She was tasked with increasing the presence of artists at the event and tripled the number we've had in past years! With a wide circle of contacts, great artistic ability and consummate professionalism she's a great asset to any undertaking."
- Rose Mary Mason, City of Oshawa, Events & Community Engagement.